Sunday, April 8, 2012

WBB Insider - Florida Club Rankings #1

The FGB Spring Showcase has been a staple of how the pecking order of club teams will play out during the year. Other than Spring Fling and the Miami Suns Memorial Day event no event has as much impact on the rankings of teams inside the state for head to head competition as the Spring Showcase. This year was no different and as we have two major events down we look at our first look at the Top Florida Club Teams.

Elite Division (17U/Junior Level Participating Teams)

1. Miami Suns Team Fowles - 54-39 win over FGB in the FGB Spring Showcase gets the Suns the top spot as far as strength of their team and results. The Suns also beat Suncoast and DEBO by 20+ .... This is the year of the Sun it will be exciting to see how they represent Florida. Next Up - Deep South

2. FGB Elite - Thomas - One of the best FGB teams yet was even with the Miami Suns at half time before falling 54-39. As they play more together they will continue to get better. FGB beat the Lakeland Mustangs, Girl's Got Game, and DEBO all by 20+. Next Up - Deep South

3. Essence Purple - No results as of yet, the state's only Nike team has a lot of players playing up there with the Miami Suns dominating the 2013 Class in Florida. A strong showing at Boo Williams can move them up. Next Up - Boo Williams.

4. Suncoast Basketball Club - Tyra Bolden 5-9 G 2013 showed out at the FGB Spring Showcase this weekend and Suncoast went 2-1 with their only loss coming to the Miami Suns. Well coached program that continues to get better every year. Next Up - Tip Off

5. Blue Star Florida- Royal - The winners of Spring Fling 1 were seldom contested in that event. Blue Star has high IQ kids and has over taken most of the mid range teams in the state to move in to the upper echelon in just their second year. Next Up - USJN Chicago

6. Miami Suns - Red
7. Central Florida Elite
8. Below the Rim
10. Essence Black
11. Jacksonville Lady Rams
12. Florida Angels
13. D'Advantage
14. Girl's Got Game
15. Orlando Comets

Underclass Division (9th/10th Grade Teams)

1. Florida Angels 10th - Won Spring Fling I and played well at the FGB Spring Showcase also won the Jacksonville SRT a few weeks ago. No stars on this Angels team but solid all around and play well as a team.

2. East Tampa Thunder Blue - One of the most improved teams in the state well coached and has players who know how to play. The Runner Up in Spring Fling I and 2-1 this past weekend in the FGB Spring Showcase.
3. Florida Lightening 10th - One of the most talented teams in the state has gone 2-1 the last two weeks in Disney Spring Fling and the FGB Spring Showcase. Will be a good group to look ahead to shortly.
4. Miami Suns 10th Grade - 2-1 in the FGB Spring Showcase the Suns are the deepest organization in the state top to bottom with talent on just about every team the put out on the court.

5. FGB Vision Ellis - Playing up the past few weeks the Vision dominated their tournaments, 1-2 at the FGB Spring Showcase playing 10th grade teams was not a bad result for a team who has become one of Florida's most entertaining teams.

6. Dashuh 9th
7. Central Florida Elite 2015
8. Suncoast Basketball Club 10th
9. Lady Storm 10th
10. Sudden Impact 10th

Middle School Teams (6th-8th Grade)

1. Orlando Yellow Jackets (8th) - The Yellow Jackets have yet to lose and have as much college talent as some of the familiar faces up in the 17U age bracket. Wins over several older teams make them the future of basketball in Central Florida and possibly the state.

2. Miami Suns Team Larkins (8th) - Dominating as the Suns do just about everywhere they go passed on the FGB Spring Showcase but have showed well in the early tournaments of the year.

3. Essence 2016 (8th) - Win over Cape Coast gets them on the board here at #3.

4. Cape Coast Titans (8th) - Lost to both the Yellow Jackets and Essence but have gone out and played the best and been right there with them. Na'Porsha Wright and Alexis Gordon are as good as any two players in this age group.

5. Florida Future (7th) - Playing up this is the top 7th grade team in Florida with several wins over older teams already. 2-1 at the FGB Spring Showcase and a bright future ahead of them the Future might have one of the most talented backcourts on any team in the state.

6. Florida Lightening (8th)
7. Jacksonville Lady Rams (7th)
8. Suncoast Basketball Club 8th
9. Jacksonville Lady Rams (8th)
10. Central Florida Elite 2016

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